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Edith Harris 

Elder & Christian Counselor 

Dr. Edith A. Harris was a dedicated and faithful member of Faith International Church, under the leadership of Pastor Terry Lynch. She served as a leader, intercessor and director of the Christian Counseling Ministry.

Dr. Harris has taught in several colleges in New York and Westchester County, as well as an Adjunct professor in teaching regular education, early childhood, special education and college reading and writing courses. She enjoys reading, counseling and most of all studying God’s word.

Dr. Harris saw her assignment as helping and encouraging others to excel in their full potential in Christ Jesus through his work. She was a true asset to her church and the body of Christ.

Dr. Edith Harris passed away September 17th, 2022. She will be missed by the many people she helped, her community, and by the members at Faith International Church.

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