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  Faith Academy  
We know your child's first learning experience starts at home, but by working together we will assist in developing your child spiritually, academically, and socially. Our goal at Faith Academy is to help your child to become independent, communicate well with others, and prepare them for kindergarten. 

The Faith Academy Preschool curriculum is based on the educational standards of Pennsylvania. Our curriculum is developed to provide students with social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and communication skills. The academic skills include recognizing the letters of the alphabet, numbers, rhyming words, shapes, and colors. We also incorporate science, cooking, bible study, arts & crafts, basic Spanish, math, and gymnastics to develope well rounded individuals.

Latchkey Activities Schedule:
1st Friday of the month: Arts & Crafts
2nd Friday of the month: Cooking
3rd Friday of the month: Science
4th Friday of the month: Group Discussion 

For more information about Faith Academy, call 570-588-5020, or stop by the office at Faith International Church.

Faith Academy Preschool and Latchkey programs are lead by trained staff dedicated to ensuring that your children recieve the support necessary for their growth. This staff includes: 

Toni-Ann Prevost, Director and Preschool Teacher
Jackie Reid, Preschool Teacher Assitant & Group Supervisior 
Pamela Venable, Latchkey Group Supervisior 
Esther Mitchell, Lathckey Group Supervisior
Hope Willocks, Faith Academy Registrar 

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